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Course 200

Religions: Who’s Right?

Course 200: Religions: Who’s Right?

In Search Of The Truth

Why are there so many religions in the world, and how are they different? Explore the claims of world religions to see why Christianity has the corner on TRUTH.

Discover the UNSHAKABLE foundation

of the Christian faith through this four course curriculum. Now that we have covered 100 – Nature, Created on Purpose or Evolved by Chance, it is time to learn about the religions of the World. This second semester will teach you everything you need to know about who is right and how we know!

The UNSHAKABLE curriculum is designed to strengthen the very foundation of the Christian worldview.
Give you the education you need to defend your faith.
Reveals the harmony between science and scripture showing that the Bible is the key to unlocking the what happened in the past.

Religions: Who’s Right?

Take a closer look at religions from around the world and see the truth for yourself. Eric and Kevin, along with many other teachers, present an ironclad case that Christianity is the only worldview that matches up with Science, History, and a consistent view of the world.

This semester is made up of ten classes covering topics such as:

Real Faith
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Jesus as the only way
Absolute Truth

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Religion: Who’s Right?

The Classes



Understanding Faith

Is there really a conflict between faith and reason? It depends on what you put your faith in! This lesson will clear up the confusion about what faith is, and make the distinction between good (rational) faith and bad (blind) faith.



Refuting Relativism

“A religion is true for you if you believe it is true. Calling other beliefs wrong is bigoted and closed-minded.” Sound familiar? This lesson will cover the basic rules of logic and show that relativism, while increasingly popular, does not stand up to scrutiny.



Hinduism and Buddhism

This lesson will give you a look at the diverse religious traditions of India that are identified under the blanket term “Hinduism.” You will also learn about how one Indian man, Siddhartha Gautama, rejected these traditions to develop a new path: Buddhism.



Reflecting on Buddhism

It’s easy to see that the world is full of suffering… but is eliminating all desires the best way to deal with it? This lesson will critically examine key Buddhist beliefs, such as karma, reincarnation, nirvana, and more.



A History of Judaism and Islam

Before Christianity, there was Judaism. After Christianity, there was Islam. How do these three Abrahamic traditions relate to each other? Is one just as good as the other? This lesson takes a look at the history of Judaism outside the Bible, as well as the founding of Islam.





Islam and the Bible

Muhammad claimed to be the next prophet in the line of Jesus, but do his teachings really reflect the character of the one true God? This lesson examines the origins and teachings of the Qur’an, as well as general Islamic beliefs.



A History of Mormonism

There are currently over 15 million Mormons worldwide, and it all started here in America less than 200 years ago. Who was Joseph Smith? Is there reason to believe that God chose him to start a new church of Latter-Day Saints?



Mormon Beliefs?

Do they really wear magic underwear? Can you become a god someday if you work hard enough? This lesson will examine Mormonism’s controversial beliefs, and make it easy to tell whether it qualifies as true Christianity.



History of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Chances are they’ve come knocking at your door, ready to give you a copy of “Awake!”. How did this group originate, and why are they viewed as separate from the rest of the Christian church? This lesson looks over the relatively short (but fascinating) history of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.



Beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

On the surface the Witnesses seem to be another denomination of Christianity, using the same terms to talk about the same concepts. But a closer look reveals some serious doctrinal problems—including the rejection of Jesus as God. This lesson will teach you how to respond to their claims.

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Religions: Who’s Right?



202 Section 2 - Examining Moral Relativism


203 Section 2 - History and Teachings of Buddhism


204 Section 1 - Determining Truth in Buddhism


204 Section 2 - Buddhists' Journey to Enlightenment


208 Section 2 - Mormons’ Blind Faith and Bizarre Beliefs in Works


What they say about us


Explore the foundations of science, religion, and truth with Kevin, Eric, and a host of other world-class teachers in this 4-Course curriculum.
This class really gave me a full understanding of all the worldviews, religions, and other issues in full depth. I have never been taught this much about these things.
Brandon T.
The class really helps you know what you believe and why so. It teaches you to own your faith and be confident—due to being able to prove why you are. Mr. K is very knowledgeable and keeps it interesting at the same time. Great class.
Lauren J.
This class will put to rest any doubts you may have about other religions and their validity. For me it showed how much truth is behind God and just how logical Christianity truly is.
Logan R.
I would say if you're a Christian and you would want to know how to defend your faith better, take this class. I learned so much good information and in an interesting way. Mr. Conover is a really great teacher.
Amber M.
In this class you really learn a lot about why the Bible is 100% correct and irrefutable. It was extremely interesting and fun. It really strengthened my relationship with the Lord. Mr. Conover was funny and really connected with his students.
Jordan R.