• FREE Introduction Course

    by Eric Hovind and Kevin Conover 3 Lessons

    Unshakable Faith is a 4-course curriculum designed to make you Unshakable in the Christian Faith. We offer online courses for Homeschool, Christian School and Private Schools as well as travel to present seminar classes that defend and explain the Bible.

    Unshakable Faith classes cover topics such as world religions, the reliability of the Bible, how to approach tough cultural issues biblically, creation vs. evolution, church history, and the Bible itself. These classes can also be taken for credit at some Christian schools.

  • Course 100 - Nature, Created or Evolved?

    by Eric Hovind and Kevin Conover 232 Lessons

    Were we crafted lovingly by an all-powerful God or generated spontaneously by an indifferent void? The answer makes all the difference in the world! This first semester will teach you the science confirming our amazing Creator, and will equip you to evangelize in today’s world. See first hand what is happening on the university campuses today and learn from experts in the field. Teachers include Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Carl Kerby, and Jobe Martin.

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  • Course 200 - Religion: Who's Right?

    by Eric Hovind and Kevin Conover 221 Lessons

    Take a closer look at religions from around the world and see the truth for yourself. Eric and Kevin, along with many other teachers, present an ironclad case that Christianity is the only worldview that matches up with Science, History, and a consistent view of the world. Religions covered include: Islam, Judaism, Relativism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses.